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Peristaltic pumps can be used in three different ways:

Being able to pump at accurate flow rates or volumes is very important for Bioreactors, filling Petri Dishes, and other industrial processes, such as food and drink dispensing, circulate cell suspension in fermentation, aspiration and dispensing of tissue culture media, and harvesting of cell media.

When changing between different flow rates and volumes, the pump will need to be calibrated. This should be easy to carry out.

The Lead Fluid pumps use an on-screen calibration wizard. Simply enter a flow rate and a volume and start pumping. The pump will automatically stop once the volume is reached. The collected volume can be weighed (most accurate) or measured and the volume entered into the calibration wizard.

Once the calibration process is complete the new flow rate / volume settings will be automatically updated by the wizard; allowing very precise volumes (as accurate as 1% in most cases) to be dispensed or accurate pumping flow rates (depending on the model of the pump).

In many applications, several pumps may be required for multiple pumping operations and different chemicals.

Most models have high torque drives to allow multiple pump heads to be fitted, thus providing simultaneous pumping from one pump. The pumps can use a wide range of tubing (Pharmaprene, Viton, Solva, Tygon, Silicon etc) depending on the viscosity of the media being pump, the length of the pumping operation and chemical compatibility. 

When pumps are used in manufacturing processes, it is important that they can easily integrate with existing systems for a high level of automation and greater productivity. 

All Lead Fluid pumps from our company are supplied with MODBUS RS485 to allow easy integration into laboratory and plant processes, as well as relay and voltage level control. If a pump is not easily accessible, it can be controlled using the free Lead Fluid Wi-Fi remote control apps on Android or iOS phones.

Clinical Lab Products sell the Lead Fluid BT “L” series and “F” series pumps which provide flow rates from sub-microlitre volumes to 13L/min for laboratory applications and up to 300L/min for industrial batch transfer processes.

For further details, please contact us here.

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