SP 311 Peristaltic Pump from VELP Scientifica : Get Quote, RFQ, Price or Buy

2021-12-23 09:13:53 By : Ms. Amy Lu

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VELP Scientifica has developed a range of peristaltic pumps useful for transferring liquids in industry sectors like pharmaceutical, food, biotechnological, chemical, beverage.

The SP 311 has a variable flow rate and is able to pump fluids from depths of up to 10 meters. The unit is compact, extremely intuitive and quiet and requires minimum maintenance. The electronic speed control ensures high safety standards. Peristaltic pumps are widely used in industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage and biotechnology to transfer liquids. Since the liquid never affects and gets in touch with the internal parts of the pump, SP 311 is extremely easy to clean.

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