ICU Mini Automatic Volume Peristaltic Vein Peristaltic Pump Low Power Infusion Pump

Our servives:1.We value every inquiry sent to us, ensure quick competitive offer.2.Suitable package to ensure goods safety and save container space3.Fast and on-time delivery4.Two year warranty, lifetime maintenance.5.Powerful OEM/ODM capacity6.More than 10 years\' manufacturing experience7.Professional Sales & After Sales T

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Our servives:

1.We value every inquiry sent to us, ensure quick competitive offer.

2.Suitable package to ensure goods safety and save container space

3.Fast and on-time delivery

4.Two year warranty, lifetime maintenance.

5.Powerful OEM/ODM capacity

6.More than 10 years' manufacturing experience

7.Professional Sales & After Sales Team, provide customers professional and efficient services.

8.QC/QA team makes sure all products with strict quality control.

Syp2900c functions are as follows:

1. Setting function: 1. Setting flow rate.

                              2. Set the flow size.

                              3. Set the drop rate.

2. Online parameter modification function.

3. With display countdown function.

4. Display mode: 10 inch color LCD display.

5.When the infusion pump is working, pressing any key will not affect the normal operation and is safer. 

6. AC and DC working mode

7. Observe the window function to observe the operation of infusion set in real time.

Technical parameters:



Infusion mode

Capacity type

Pumping mode

Peristaltic pump

Velocity setting range


Velocity increment


Velocity decrement




Capacity setting range

1-9999 ml

Fast infusion speed


KVO Rate

After the infusion, the infusion rate was 1ml / h.

Bubble detection method

Ultrasonic testing method.

Bubble sensitivity

Detection bubble size diameter ≤ 3mm (medium speed operation)

Infusion pump self check function
Power on self test and real time detection during infusion

Sound and light alarm for abnormal infusion state
Blocking, infusion completed, battery under voltage, exhaust bubble, door opening, standby, motor failure alarm.

Setting infusion data memory
It can store injection flow rate, blocking alarm level and flow rate value.

Blocking level setting

The blocking level is set to two levels: Sp1 and SP2.

Injection real time display function

The injection volume can be displayed in real time.

Exhaust bubble function

Before infusion, when there are bubbles in the injection pipeline, press and hold the exhaust bubble key, and the bubbles in the injection pipeline will be emptied at the flow rate of 999ml / h, and the flow rate display screen will display 999ml / h. After the bubbles are discharged, release the exhaust bubble key, and then press the injection button for infusion.

Night infusion pump door lamp on function

At night, the LED lights up when the door is opened. At this time, the infusion will be stopped automatically.

Alarm content flashing function

When there is an alarm, the corresponding alarm content character will flash.

Standby function

Turn on the power switch and wait for more than one minute before the "standby indicator light flashes" or when there are bubbles and blocking alarms, press the mute key, and wait for more than one minute, "standby indicator light flashes".

Type of velocity setting

Select "ml / h"

alarm volume

Greater than 65dB (sound level at 1m distance)

Safety Classification


Internal power supply

Rechargeable lithium battery DC12V, 2000mAh.

Battery charging time

After charging, it can work for more than 4 hours at a speed of 25ml / L.

power waste
Less than 15va

Security category
Class I BF type the equipment is ipx1 type of anti dripping liquid

Profile ruler

Infusion pump noise
Less than 55dB (sound level at 1m from the front)

Using ring condition

Rated working low temperature temperature 5 ºC

Low temperature storage temperature - 40 ºC
Rated working high temperature temperature 40 ºC
High temperature storage temperature 55 ºC
Rated working humidity 40 ºC ≤ 90% ± 2RH
Moisture heat storage 40 ºC 90% ± 2RH

atmospheric pressure

Vibration condition
Frequency cycle range 3-8hz
Displacement amplitude 7.5mm (peak value)
The number of scanning cycles in each direction is 4

Electrostatic discharge 15kV for air discharge
Radiation electromagnetic field strength 400A / M

Dielectric strength
Rated voltage 1.5kV, duration 60s ± 5S

Insulation performance
The duration of DC resistance should be greater than 500m Ω for 60s

Total weight
About 2.5kg

Shell material
ABS plastic (flame retardant)
 Micro Automatic Volume Peristaltic Vein ICU Low Power Infusion Pump
Micro Automatic Volume Peristaltic Vein ICU Low Power Infusion Pump

Micro Automatic Volume Peristaltic Vein ICU Low Power Infusion Pump
Micro Automatic Volume Peristaltic Vein ICU Low Power Infusion Pump

Product features:

1. Aluminum alloy peristaltic pump body, more accurate infusion.

2. Color screen color large screen display, observation more clear.

3. Import special chip, program running more stable.

4. Keyboard lock function, anti misoperation is safer.

5. Automatic conversion of flow rate and drop number, convenient setting.

6. Automatic control system, suitable for a variety of infusion sets.

7. Automatic adjustment of infusion precision system.

8. Set up observation window of infusion set to ensure the stability of infusion.

9. High quality after-sales service makes it easier to use Q & A at any time.

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are original manufacturer. We can do OEM/ODM business. We accept small MOQ orders via our Group Buying Project.

Q: What is Group Buying?
A: Group Buying is a project launched by Shanghai Zhenghao. With information technology, this project is targeting on decrease MOQ, price, quality control and after-sales service.

Q: How is the price and service of Group Buying Project ?
A: Price is usually 15% less. The quality and service will be controlled by both the factories and CENTRALIZED ORDERING PROCESS.

Q: How can I join your Group buying Plan?
A: Although Group Buying provides good price with small MOQ and service,  but it usually has a long production time. So you need to make good schedule for you purchase, a good plan will let your business more successful.

Micro Automatic Volume Peristaltic Vein ICU Low Power Infusion Pump

Micro Automatic Volume Peristaltic Vein ICU Low Power Infusion Pump


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