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Vaccine discovery and production has jumped to top of the priority list for most pharmaceutical companies. Increased interest in developing biopharmaceutical therapeutics with injection-delivered large-molecules has shone the light on aseptic processing in both upstream and downstream operations. Stricter validation requirements and a need for design innovation have led manufacturers to demand more from their peristaltic pump suppliers.    

The Longer Pump series from PCT offer many clear benefits for both production and quality control engineers. The utilisation of single use tubing within peristaltic pumps eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and, as only the inside of the tubing comes into contact with the media, it also eliminates lengthy cleaning procedures. Validation is therefore significantly easier. As many biological drugs are shear-sensitive, the gentle action of peristaltic pumps protects them by applying only low pressure at minimal speed. Changing a peristaltic pump’s tubing size varies the fill and flow range that is achievable. Optimising the variation of flow speed during the whole cycle brings different benefits at different times. Early in the process a decrease in speed can avoid foaming and splashing whilst an increase in the latter stages will improve overall batch time. A quality peristaltic pump should have the ability to switch between application requirements; accurate variable flow speeds, precise dispensing volumes, an extensive selection of interchangeable single-, dual- and multi- pump heads to cover all the tubing options required and last but not least, quick and simple tube changes ensure a stress-free life for the operator.

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